SphinxCoin Project is currently on hold

The SphinxCoin project will be on hold until we can establish the proper channels to offer our intended services. We are very keen on following all and any necessary regulatory requirements that will allow us to safely operate.

Both Authority Nodes and Platform will continue to work, but with the "Buy" and "Refund" options for the time being.

A True "Crypto-Basket Coin"

10 Crypto Currencies in a stable unique Basket, offering a solid entry into the crypto world, including Akroma, Atheios, DubaiCoin, Ethereum Classic, Ether-1, Expanse, Nekonium, Pirl, Ubiq, and Victorium.

SPX10 Features

Crypto-Basket Coin

Every SPX10 equals 10 coins of 10 different crypto's.

No Mining

Running on Proof-of-Authority algorithm.

No Fees

No mining means no transaction fees.


Less volatile than a single crypto currency.


Only 300,000 SPX10 coins.


All information are fully disclosed.

Our Platform

SphinxCoin Platform

The Place for SPX10

We have developed a simple platform to monitor, buy, and refund SPX10. Our platform is in continuous development targeting the best tools to help view the state of SPX10.

Currently we only offer the purchase of SPX10 through "Multi-Coin" payment with a 1% fee. There are no fees charged when refunding your SPX10. We are working to enable a "Single-Coin" payment method to facilitate the purchase of SPX10.

Go to the Platform

Our Roadmap

Download From Github

Start your SPX10 node by downloading the source from github.

Setup instructions can be found on our Wiki.

We are working on our Desktop and Mobile wallets, and should be available very soon.